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JoJochoice™ Fruit Sherpa Blanket

Color - Blueberry
1.Made from - %100 polyester ultra-soft flannel fleece. Great gift and a delicious decorative piece!

2.Features - Provides a warm cover while having a soft and gentle touch. Suitable for all seasons.

3.Machine washable - Cold cycle, Iron easy. With proper care no fading or tearing.

When we say: "You are what you eat." We are serious! You can make yourself or your loved ones into cute fruits, and add joy and flavor to your home with novelty blankets that are worthy of your mouth and eyes! It's delicious and interesting.The realistic patterns can always make you feel soft and comfortable. When you feel chills while watching TV, grab it. The life like pattern looks like avocado, orange, plus the high-quality feeling of flannel fleece fabric, you will have a high degree of comfort. Do you feel sad and need some warmth to release your emotions? While reading a book or watching TV, put yourself away with the soft touch of the novel blanket, roll it up, and feel better! You can get the most benefit from these blankets, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all seasons! It is very lightweight, so you can take it with you when camping or throw it on the sofa at home as a decoration. With its %100 polyester super soft flannel fleece material, you can use it for many years without falling off or fading. In addition, our dyes do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to your family or pets. If you want to create a theme and comfortable atmosphere in your room, you can use the power of realistic 3D printing! You can fold it into a kind of fruit at any time to create unique ideas! In addition, you can roll it into a portable cylindrical shape so that it takes up very little space! You can put it on the side of the sofa or between pillows and use it when needed. With digital printing, you can use it as a sofa cover or bed cover. When you have imagination, there is no limit!


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