Can A Duvet Be Sustainable And Good For The Planet?

Whether or not a duvet is sustainable is probably not something you’ve considered for previous purchases. But the world is changing, and alongside it, the human race too. 

With an ominous United Nations code red warning for humanity in place, individuals and businesses alike have at last sat up and listened. The effects of climate change are all too clear to see. Starving polar bears, melting glaciers, rising seas, catastrophic floods in Germany, monumental wildfires across the Mediterranean, America, Australia, the world in fact. 

It’s a pessimistic situation and Generation Z, are already worried about the world they’re inheriting. A particularly disturbing outcome is that research has found that an increasing number of young people are saying they won’t have children to avoid further damage to the planet by way of overpopulation.

It’s clear that Earth is indeed now at a precarious tipping point. If we carry on as we have been, the damage will be unassailable. Inaction is no longer an option for us. This truly is the time to unite, using our global conscience to motivate each and every one of us to do our bit before it's simply too late.

sustainable duvet 

Eco Friendly Bedding

So, where does bedding come into all of this? The fact is that every time we make a purchase, we can either work against our planet or do something to help it. After all, with all the internet and social media in place, it’s easy to seek out those companies with strong ethical values. We can uncover sustainable products and the brands who practise kinder farming or are making a significant reduction to their waste and pollution. That moment before you hit the purchase button, you have the opportunity to do something, no matter how little or small it might seem, to ensure that the world is left in a better place for future generations.